SPSS 19 Now Available

SteSPSSacie Library once again has a license for SPSS, specifically, v.19.    As described on our List of Available Software, it is installed on all workstations in our basement computer lab.  This lab is currently closed on weekends, and SPSS is not available on any other computers at Steacie.  You can, however, access SPSS at any time (including on weekends), using your own laptop or home computer via WebFAS, the Computing department’s system for remote access to licensed software (including SPSS 19, SAS 9.2, and MS Office 2010).  An FAS account is required for WebFAS access.  FAS accounts may be set up using Manage My Services.  And to access that, you need a Passport York account.  Simple!


Steacie software list

Do you need to use specific software, and want to know if Steacie has it? Refer to our List of Available Software, which also contains version numbers and workstation numbers.

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